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We combine profound business intelligence with investment expertise that adds real value to the decisions made by Australia’s financial professionals; always with the prosperity of investors in mind.

Beyond the data, beyond mere numbers, Lonsec has played its role in the dynamic wealth creation sector for over 20 years, offering precise insights that trigger action and investment strategies that drive others forward.

We do this by making the complex clear and by connecting people to the best tools, technology and investment information possible.

Latest initiatives

Quarterly Outlook and Investment Insight

Stars Aligning

The March issues of Investment Insight and Quarterly Outlook have been released.
The 2014 year ended with a period of heightened volatility that included a 45% fall in the oil price, a 13% fall in the Australian dollar and a near 10% correction in the Australian share market. At the same time, interest rates generally continued to move lower. Read more

Lonsec Launches Game Changer Tools

Leading research house Lonsec today launched a new series of financial product ratings tools called BIOmetrics, which will allow financial advisers to better select and manage financial products to suit consumers’ individual investment needs.

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Settle Platform Trades Through Lonsec

Lonsec Stockbroking is a full service broker for financial advisers, and settling to wraps on your behalf is just one thing we do.
Providing expert opinion and advice about the trade, is another.
Platforms we currently settle to include:

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The Advice Chain

Lonsec has hosted its inaugural roundtable event in Sydney, bringing together thought leaders from across the industry to discuss and debate the key issues of regulation, professionalism and education. Following FOFA’s recent announcement by Senator Cormann and preceding the expected announcement this week by the Senate Estimates Committee into ASIC, the roundtable came at a critical juncture for future of financial advice. Read More

If it isn't broken, don't fix it... Right?

Not necessarily; it depends on your definition of ‘broken’…The system governing financial product advice for Australians has been subjected to a lengthy and bruising Global Financial Crisis (GFC) post mortem. Government legislated ‘against’ financial planners, the Senate hauled ASIC in for questioning, ASIC reviewed research houses, and financial planners targeted financial product issuers and research houses to take on more responsibility for consumer outcomes.

So surely seven years of reviews, recommendations and legislative changes has led to substantial improvements? In some areas yes, but generally no. Dissatisfaction with the status quo remains high and it’s hard to argue that consumers are now more widely or better advised, more financially literate or better protected, when it comes to using financial products. The system may not be broken, but it still needs fixing…and the answer lies in industry ‘stepping up’ to embrace co-regulation…

Watch Lonsec Fiscal Holdings CEO, Amanda Gillespie, and Lonsec Research’s General Manager of Strategy & Development, Richard Everingham, discuss overall conclusions and next steps within our video series, It’s Time to Co-regulate the Financial Product Advice Chain. In this episode Amanda and Richard discuss what it will take to move from ideas to action in order to create a co-regulatory structure that will drive better investment outcomes for consumers.

The video is available for viewing here

Lonsec Monthly Market Update

A five minute monthly market update covering global and domestic economic outlook, a market wrap and the key risks to look out for.

Presented by Bill Keenan, GM Equities Research

The full presentation is available to Lonsec research subscribers in the Quicklinks panel. To enquire about subscribing, please call Lonsec Client Services on (03) 9623 6300.

Income Sector Review

Sector Reviews wrap up a year of incisive analysis, opinion and insight. Participating fund managers’ capabilities are assessed. Their particular strengths and weaknesses are identified, and we interpret how these relate to their ability to add value to their investment products. Sector themes and trends are highlighted. Products within the peer group are compared. Throughout the year our analysts tirelessly dig deep, interrogate and understand. Their findings are in our Sector Reviews, adding real value to our subscribers’ advice.

Watch our latest video on the Income Sector Review where David Erdonmez, CEO of Lonsec Research, talks with Libby Newman, Senior investment Analyst, about new and not so new unconstrained bond funds, the reversal of fortunes in 2014 compared to 2013 from a performance perspective and Lonsec’s rating action on PIMCO in the wake of Bill Gross’ surprise departure.

The full presentation is available to Lonsec research subscribers in the Quicklinks panel. To enquire about subscribing, please call Lonsec Client Services on (03) 9623 6300.

Recent Activity

Lonsec Launches Game Changer Tools for Advisers

by Em Brown
April 1st 2015

New Lonsec BIOmetrics tool suite a key step to helping financial advisers select investment products that better suit consumers’ needs

Fund Manager of the Year Finalists Named

by Em Brown
March 25th 2015

The Money Management & Lonsec Fund Manager of the Year nominations have now been released.

Changing regulations and investor pressure shape alternative sector

by Em Brown
February 24th 2015

Lonsec releases 2014 Alternatives Sector Review