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We combine profound business intelligence with investment expertise that adds real value to the decisions made by Australia’s financial professionals, always with the prosperity of investors in mind.

Beyond the data, beyond mere numbers, Lonsec has played its role in the dynamic wealth creation sector for over 20 years, offering precise insights that trigger action and investment strategies that drive others forward.

We do this by making the complex clear and by connecting people to the best tools, technology and investment information possible.

Latest initiatives

Strategic Multi-Asset Indices

Lonsec Research has made its new Strategic Multi-Asset Indices available through iRate, providing a more effective and transparent way for users to benchmark multi-asset fund performance. Based on Lonsec Investment Consulting’s own Strategic Asset Allocation weights, the new indices provide a practical and intuitive approach to multi-asset performance benchmarking. Read More

Day of Confrontation 2016

This year’s Day of Confrontation looks beyond pure economics to understand the driving forces of change in a global society. Old business models are being overturned, and consumers are harnessing technology to win more power, choice and economic freedom. But how real is this freedom? How do we explain the growing political discontent around the world? Read More

Lonsec Radio

Listed Investment Companies (LICs) are nothing new – some are among the oldest companies on the Australian Stock Exchange. But even today, the market’s appreciation for the LIC appears to be growing among retail and professional investors alike. Join Peter Green, General Manager of Equities, as he takes us through the key developments in the LIC sector. Click here to listen

Political uncertainty on the rise: September QO and ii out now

Market news has been dominated by Brexit and what it means for the global economy. While the immediate reaction from share markets was short-lived, investors will continue to be plagued by economic and political uncertainty, with the well-worn themes of volatility and low returns likely to feature over the coming quarter. Read more

Better performance benchmarking

Lonsec Research has made its new Strategic Multi-Asset Indices available through iRate. Stewart Gault, General Manager of Research Analytics, joins Lonsec TV to discuss how the indices will enable users to conduct more meaningful performance benchmarking, while shedding light on the work of the research analytics team in supporting our analysts and consultants in the field.

Market Update

A five minute monthly market update covering global and domestic economic outlook, a market wrap and the key risks to look out for. Presented by Bill Keenan, General Manager of Direct Equities Research.

The full presentation is available to Lonsec research subscribers in the Quicklinks panel. To enquire about subscribing, please call Lonsec Client Services on (03) 9623 6300.

Global Equities Sector Review

Join Senior Analyst Rui Fernandes as he takes us through the major themes shaping global equities. Brexit has been a defining event for equities markets, but how have fund managers been dealing with the fallout? How is product innovation creating a more transparent environment and what does it mean for the sheltered world of active management? Tune in to LonsecTV to find out.

Recent Activity

Lonsec Award Winners Bring New Thinking to Wealth Sector

by Lonsec
October 20th 2016

Lonsec Award Winners Announced

Australian Funds Embrace ESG More Than Global Peers

by Gordon Toy
October 4th 2016

Lonsec Research has found many Australian equity fund managers tend to rank higher than their global peers when it comes to incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in their investment decision.

Global Exposure Needed to Meet Investment Objectives

by Gordon Toy
September 28th 2016

In its recent Strategic Asset Allocation Review, Lonsec made downward revisions to long-term expected returns across most asset classes, including a reduction in the expected performance of Australian equities. This led to a shift in Lonsec’s strategic asset allocation weights for its traditional balanced risk profile, with the majority of the recommended equity allocation now tilted towards global shares.