Lonsec services

Research and insights

As one of Australia's most awarded research house, Lonsec Research focuses on providing in-depth investigative research and insights across a broad range of sectors:

  • traditional managed funds
  • alternatives such as hedge funds
  • structured products
  • direct assets such as property and infrastructure investments
  • ETFs
  • SMA portfolios and platforms
  • listed income securities
  • ASX-200 companies

Lonsec Investment Consulting leverages this intelligence to provide:

  • model portfolios
  • asset allocation advice
  • retirement advice
  • tailored services to dealer groups

Lonsec Investment Solutions

Over the last 10 years the financial services industry has experienced a rapidly changing environment characterised by changes in regulation, tumultuous markets, and rapidly evolving technology. Amidst this backdrop cost pressures on advice business have increased, clients are increasingly scrutinising their investments and the role of technology in financial services is increasingly a focal area.

Lonsec Investment Solutions Pty Ltd (LIS) seeks to assists financial advisers generate better investment outcomes (BIO) for their clients in an effective and efficient manner.

LIS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lonsec Fiscal Holdings Pty Ltd. Drawing off Lonsec Research's established research and portfolio construction expertise and deep resources LIS provides financial advisers access to a range of model portfolio solutions across listed and unlisted investments via the use of efficient technology such as managed accounts.

The benefits of using LIS portfolio solutions include:

  • Access to professional portfolio construction expertise
  • Efficient portfolio implementation
  • Strong portfolio governance and processes
  • Ultimately, enabling financial advisers to spend more time with their clients