Lonsec intelligence

Lonsec delivers quality and timely investigative research, providing insights and advice to finance professionals and superannuation funds.


Lonsec's research spans the full investment spectrum; both listed and unlisted investments, mainstream offerings through to alternative investments.

In-depth investigative research

Research is Lonsec’s core business and we place significant emphasis on providing practical and implementable research solutions specifically designed for the Australian market.

We believe all users of our research need three critical aspects optimised – quality, breadth and timeliness – and Lonsec is committed to having the resources to deliver these outcomes.

We understand that the specific research needs of financial advice professionals vary significantly, which necessitates a flexible approach to the provision of our services. The outcome of Lonsec's rigorous research process is the Lonsec rating.

Broad research coverage

We believe research breadth is important to ensure that when creating approved product lists (APLs), there are sufficient high quality investment options available to clients across all investment sectors and sub-sectors.

Unlisted investment research

Lonsec's unlisted investment research spans:

  • Traditional managed funds, such as Australian and global equities and fixed interest
  • Alternative investments, such as hedge funds and structured products
  • Multi-manager and multi-asset financial products
  • Direct assets such as property and infrastructure investments
  • SMAs, both portfolios and platform structure
  • Superannuation funds

Listed investment research

Lonsec also provides in-depth research of listed investments including:

  • Equities
  • ETFs
  • Listed investment companies
  • Hybrid securities

Lonsec Research (New Zealand)

Investment Consulting

Lonsec's well-established dedicated investment consulting team focuses on providing practical and implementable tailored investment advice to financial advisers, dealer groups and superannuation funds.

We take a client-centric approach to providing consulting services and engage with key stakeholders across the industry to ensure the advice we deliver is consistent, relevant and practical.

Intelligent Solutions

Lonsec provides a range of online solutions to assist financial advisers select the most appropriate investment mix, financial products and superannuation funds for their clients.