Listed investment research

Lonsec's web-based research service enables financial advisers to quickly find and review key statistics and reports on a range of listed investments.

Lonsec’s listed investment research includes:

  • Daily updated, comprehensive retail focused research on ASX-200 companies
  • Specialist research and analysis of ASX-listed income securities (hybrids)
  • In-depth research of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) using Lonsec's proprietary index funds research methodology
  • Corporate action and IPO research
  • Search and filtering tools designed for adviser to identify stock suitability and meet best interest obligations.

Lonsec’s approach to equities research departs from the traditional ‘Buy-Hold-Sell/ approach and focuses on classifying equities based on a relative risk-reward basis rather than an outright return potential in isolation. This approach utilises a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis methods to provide answers to three key investment questions:

  • What to buy? (Rating: Approved / Not Approved)
  • Why should I buy it? (Risk Profile: Income / Growth)
  • When should I buy it? (Action signal: Undervalued / Overvalued)

Backed by the resources of the Lonsec group, the equities research team leverages of the resources and various experts with Lonsec research and investment consulting to produce high quality research and a professional approach to portfolio management.

To complement a subscription to Lonsec's listed investment research, financial advisers can access a range of direct equity model portfolios through.

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