Unlisted investment research

Lonsec provides financial advisers with in-depth, quality research, spanning a range of unlisted investments, from traditional managed funds through to alternative asset classes.

Broad research coverage

We believe it is important to provide financial advisers with a broad range of financial product options, to ensure they can select the most appropriate to meet their clients' varied investment objectives.

Lonsec's research coverage spans:

  • Australian equities funds – large cap, small cap, SRI, indexed and concentrated
  • Global equities funds – large cap, small cap, sector, regional, SRI and indexed
  • Income funds – fixed interest, mortgage, alternative income
  • Multi-manager funds
  • Diversified funds
  • Property securities funds, domestic and global
  • Infrastructure securities
  • Structured products
  • SMAs - portfolios and structure
  • Hedge funds – long/short, fund of funds and single manager
  • Direct assets - unlisted direct property syndicates and trusts and infrastructure investments

What does a subscription include?

  • Web-based information - research delivered via our secure internet site 24/7
  • The Lonsec Recommended List, our ratings of more than 850 financial products
  • Fund Reviews, comprehensive reports on the findings of our thorough qualitative analysis of financial products
  • Fund Updates, qualitative research reports on our rated funds, updated quarterly
  • Fund Profiles, quantitative one page reports on 10,000+ funds, updated monthly
  • Sector reviews, with an update of each asset class, and funds reviewed in that sector
  • Direct assets research, including a recommended list and detailed research reports
  • ETF research
  • Twelve core managed fund model portfolios, including both traditional and alternative assets, across six risk profiles
  • A range of publications including the Month in Review, Quarterly Outlook, and Investment Perspectives
  • Daily Research Bulletin, with review updates and a market wrap.

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